What is Dropshipping?

How to Start it in 2019? [DETAILED GUIDE]
If you are into online marketing or have stumbled upon it recently, you must have heard about various online ecommerce models. One of them is dropshipping.

The term “dropshipping” gained popularity in 2006 when AliExpress became popular in the United States with the launch of Chinese ecommerce stores. At that time many people didn’t knew what is dropshipping. But some clever entrepreneurs took the lead and launched their stores to reap profits. They used AliExpress because of its low prices. Soon, more people were jumping on the bandwagon and dropshipping business became an instant hit..

Today, dropshipping has become a highly profitable ecommerce business model that can be started with almost zero investment. Some ecommerce giants such as Zappos, Wayfair, and Fab and Gilt, all have built their business models around dropshipping..

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